Answers to some of the more common questions asked by customers when looking to repair or renew their alloy wheels. If you have another question we can help with, do get in touch!

Alloy Wheel Repair / Refurbishment
The cost of a repair depends on the amount of damage and the size of the wheel(s).  It usually ranges from £40 to £60, however for a free quick instant quote simply fill out the booking form on the “contact us” page stating the amount of damage and type of wheel and we will email you an estimate for the repair with no obligation.

Colour Change
If you want to change the colour of your alloys and there is no damage the cost starts from £50 per wheel inc V.A.T.

Split Rims
We require split rim wheels for 2-3 days.  Prices start from £75 per wheel inc V.A.T.

All work is completed on the same day as your booking.

Yes. Once the wheels are on the car the vehicle is ready to go though we recommend that you don’t use jet washes on the wheels within two weeks of repair as the top coat continues to harden in the weeks after the job has been completed making it harder and stronger.

We provide a straightening service using our own specialist equipment.  We do not repair cracks ourselves, this is a very specialised task, but we can send your wheel away for repair.  This will take two to three days.

Yes and any re-balancing work is included in any price quoted for wheel repair.

Yes, we specialise in refurbishing all types of Split Rim wheels, no matter what design or style.  We can customise these in any way you wish.

Yes we can however you would need to visit us at our workshop or send photos so we can view the damage and explain the various methods of repair.