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Alloy Wheel Straightening & Bent Alloy Wheel Repair York

Here at Raw Wheels we an use our state of the art machinery to repair bent or damaged alloy wheels. Bent alloys have recently become a condition on which your car can fail its MOT so whether you have an MOT coming up, or you’ve just had one (and failed!), if you need your alloy wheels straightening or repairing, you’ve come to the right place – we can repair your alloys, contact us for a quote or read on to discover how alloys can become damaged and what you can do about it.

Poor road conditions can damage your alloy wheels

One of the worst things that can happen when you are out driving on the British roads is when you hit a pothole, and your heart sinks because you just KNOW – without even looking at it – that you have certainly damaged your beautiful alloy wheel – or possibly two wheels, front and rear. Potholes are almost impossible to avoid for the simple reason that there are so many of them: they are everywhere.

Sadly, the fact is that local authorities in the UK just do not have enough money to fix all their potholes, so they are here to stay. It is estimated that the overall shortfall for road maintenance in England and Wales is £1 billion a year. Not only that, at present maintenance levels, the frequency for a road to be re-surfaced in England is once in every 54 years, while in Wales it is double that at once every 107 years! Hard to believe, but true.

Not Just Potholes

It is not just potholes or road works that cause the problem, either. You might swerve to avoid a careless cyclist or a pedestrian in the road and in doing so you hit the kerb. Unfortunately, you can’t claim off their insurance, because they don’t have any.

Equally, with the way that the British winter has been in recent years, you can just be unlucky and skid on a patch of ice on a country lane that has not been gritted and hit something that damages the wheel.

Here is something that you may not know: an alloy wheel that is out of true can now cause an MOT failure.

Yes, our alloy wheels may look beautiful, but they live a dangerous life and are at risk on a daily basis. It is safe to say that at some time or another over the life of your car it is likely that you WILL suffer wheel damage. Not only that, you could be unlucky and have a wheel damaged two or three times during the few years that you keep the car.

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Don’t Throw
Them Away

However, before you throw your lovely alloy wheels away and invest a small fortune in a new set, (and there is no way that you could describe alloy wheels as “cheap” – beautiful, yes – but not cheap, like ordinary steel wheels) here is the good news: in many cases we can now repair your damaged and bent alloy wheels and return them to the original equipment manufacturers’ standard. Yes – your beautiful alloy wheels can be restored so that they are as good as new! To within as close as ten thousands of an inch of what they were when originally manufactured.

At Raw Wheels we have specialist equipment which enables us to do this, and our technicians have undergone extensive training in the art of repairing alloy wheels. It saves you the cost of buying a new set, to say nothing of the sheer disappointment of having to throw away three perfectly good wheels in order to make your pride and joy look as good as it did when new.
So there is no need to grit your teeth and utter some unkind words the next time you inadvertently hit one of those accursed potholes or speed bumps in the road (although we quite understand if you do). No need to throw away three perfectly good wheels and spend a fortune on four new ones.

Bring your damaged wheel, or wheels, into us and there is every chance that we can make them as good as new for you. It sure beats digging deep into your pockets for a complete set of new wheels. Not only that, we can usually have your wheel fixed and back on your car in less than an hour. As somebody once said, “You know it makes sense.”