DIAMOND CUT Alloy wheel repair

The process of Diamond Cutting is very similar to that of Powder Coating with the addition of a machine cut finish to the front ‘face’ of the wheel. The nib of the lathe is a synthetic diamond & strength and that’s where the name is from that and the look of the final product.

It is worth noting though that if you have diamond cut wheels that are badly corroded it is not always the best option to have them diamond cut again, instead we would recommend them having a powder coated finish and to do this simply select standard wheels on the booking system not diamond cut.

Having the diamond cut again is possible and we will be able to get them looking great again but they wont last long at all before they start corroding again.

We can discuss why and what the options are in person anytime at the workshop or call to discuss.


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We require your car for 2 full days to refurbish diamond cut alloys.

You can book online live now with our booking page, then drop the car off before 9am on the day your booked in (we open at 8am) On the first day we strip the wheels off and tyres off then chemically strip the wheels and prep and powder as per a normal wheel refurb.

On the second day we program our computer-controlled CNC lathe to scan your wheel and produce a map of what needs cutting. Once this is done, every wheel is diamond cut individually.

Once that’s complete they go into our automatic wheel washer to remove oils, grease, fingerprints, dust etc then they are hung onto the oven racks and powder coated lacquer.

Finally, all wheels are rebuilt and refitted to the car ready for collection end of the second day. 

Although powder coating wheels is the most popular and durable alloy wheel service, diamond cut finishes are also a very desired finish.

Many cars are fitted with diamond cut finished wheels and if you are selling or returning the car they must be in the same manufactures finish to return the car for example.

Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer to reproduce than a standard powder coat refurbishment. 

As with our Powder Coating process we fully refurbish the wheel every time and its worth noting that diamond cut wheels are powder coated to but the powder is direct onto the diamond cut metal which is the correct way but this is also why diamond cut does not last as long as a coloured powder coated finish.

The refurbishment of a diamond cut wheel is often impossible to do as a touch up / mobile as it requires the use of a huge cnc lathe.

This is why we need the car for 2 full days to complete.

Small repairs can sometimes be done without but this isn’t not often most of the time you will require the full process as it’s the only way to refurbish diamond cut wheels.



It is important to note that there are many points to consider when having your diamond cut wheels refurbished, in particular you need to ask the question: Have they been cut before?

By the nature of the process we will remove metal from the front face this process can only be done so many times,

How bad is the level of damage or corrosion? If the damage is too bad or the corrosion is too bad it is not advisable to have diamond cut and finally if the wheel has embossed wording as this can be lost when metal is removed.

For more information please call us or your welcome to book in and all this can be discuss and options changed on the day of your booking.

It’s also noting that corrosion in diamond cut wheels is very common, applying lacquer to a polished surface simply does not last and it is very difficult to achieve a long lasting finish when applying lacquer to a shiny surface, small stone chips allow water in behind the lacquer and in time causes the lacquer to deteriorate and appear cloudy.