Chemical Stripping

What is chemical stripping?

Here at Raw Coatings we have a full Chemical Stripping Room with many tanks.

This is the first step for us with all wheel refurbs, they get stripped of tyres and badges and valves then placed onto trolleys and passed into the Chemical stripping room.

This room is full of large tanks of very strong chemicals. As part of this process full PPE is worn and the air is extracted.


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Chemical Stripping

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What IS Chemical Stripping?

Chemical Stripping is the process in which objects (mainly wheels for us) or bike parts and other metal-based objects are stripped of all finishes such as paint, powder, filler and lacquer.

The process is designed to strip all coatings and chemicals that are attached to the metal, leaving nothing more than bare aluminium or steel by the end of the process.

We need to incorporate chemical stripping in order to work up from a bare base when refurbishing alloy wheels.

Chemical stripping is used for a variety of purposes. Widely used within the automotive industry; chemical stripping can be used to refurbish alloy wheels by removing old powder coating or paint, remove contaminants that have been left on body panels and can even remove rust and corrosion from the body panels of cars and alloy wheels.

These properties allow you to begin work from a clean foundation and speed up the process for refurbishment and repair work.

One of the positive (and negative depending on where you stand) things with chemical stripping is that it reveals everything. And we mean everything! Since you are bringing the bodywork back to bare metal, you will be exposing any potential botch jobs, hidden faults and work that may not have been done to the correct standard. All manner of things can be hidden behind filler and bodywork which will be brought to light thanks to chemical stripping.