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Raw Wheels Now Offer :

  • Servicing TPMS Valves

  • Recoding (handy for summer / winter sets)

  • Replacement of TPMS Valves

TPMS Servicing and Valve Replacement

Here at Raw Wheels we service and replace TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. All new vehicles manufactured since 2014 have TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) integrated as standard. Sensors in each tyres valve monitor the tyres pressure and reports any detected imbalance back to (you) the driver, via your vehicle dashboard. The main reason TPMS systems have been introduced into vehicle technology is to improve driver safety. Importantly, as of 1st January 2015 any car manufactured from 2012 onwards that is displaying a TPMS warning light on the dashboard will automatically fail its MOT test. Here at Raw Wheels, alongside our primary alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service, offer TPMS valve servicing and replacement from our workshop in York.

Why do TPMS Sensors / TPMS Stems need to be replaced?

TPMS Sensors and Stems are vulnerable to damage and corrosion and low or dead batteries which means they may have to be replaced. For some makes of valve service kits are not available and the whole Sensor or Stem will need to be replaced. If this is the case we will call to advise you before fitting a brand new one.


Why do TPMS sensor valves need to be serviced?

  • When refurbishing your wheel(s) we need to remove the sensor and often, due to wear and tear, in many cases lots of corrosion and often damage to the valve stem sleeve and nut, this is not possible.
  • Sensor valves can be expensive to replace, servicing them can prolong the life of the valve for years.
  • Air loss caused by a faulty / damaged / incorrect valve core and or rubber grommet, which all help to ensure an air-tight seal
  • All manufacturers recommend that whenever a tyre fitted with TPMS is removed, the sensor valve is serviced or replaced, in order for the sensor to last as long as possible. This is because the valves are subjected to chemicals and road salt during the Winter, and are affected by metal fatigue over time.
  • Some sensors have rubber ‘snap-in’ valves which need to be completely replaced when tyres are changed, however the majority of sensors on the market are equipped with metal ‘clamp-in’ valves, which are capable of being serviced to maintain their efficiency. When servicing metal TPMS valves, the outer collar, core, cap and the rubber grommet are replaced.
  • For these reasons RAW Wheels offer a sensor valve service. This helps to extend sensor valve life consid-erably with a service kit which also gives you a shiny new collar & cap to go with your shiny new wheels.


Our Prices

  • TPMS Valve Servicing – £5 per wheel

  • New TPMS Valve Stems (where required) – £10 per wheel

  • New TPMS Sensors (where required / includes car coding) – £50 per wheel

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Prices are applicable if we are already doing work to your wheel as part of a refurbishment / repair booking. (ie; not just a TPMS repair on its own). If you require TPMS work only, please contact us for an estimate on (email) bookings@raw-wheels.co.uk or (telephone) 01904 287 121.


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