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Split Rim Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Here at Raw Wheels we can fully repair and refurb your split rim alloy wheels. Get in touch for a quote or read on to hear more about split rims and the challenges faced with ownership / when refurb is required.


What are Split Rim Alloy Wheels?

Very simply, rather than being one-piece they are made in two or three parts which are then bolted together. They are usually very easy to identify since they have a series of small bolts – perhaps around twenty – around the rim of the wheel. They may also have centre caps and other ancillary parts.




How Do Split Rim Alloy Wheels Become Damaged?

The answer to that question is in much the same way as other wheels get damaged. British roads are littered with potholes and the fact of the matter is that no matter how much a local authority claims to be doing to repair them they simply do not have sufficient money to do so. If they were repairing them at the rate that they claim there wouldn’t be any potholes, yet you see them every time you take your car out.

No matter how careful a driver you are, it is a fairly safe bet that at some time or another you will hit a pothole and damage your beautiful alloy wheel or wheels.

Of course, it is not just potholes that cause the problem. You might swerve to avoid a cat, for instance, and hit a kerb. Or you could be involved in an ordinary road traffic accident: alloy wheels of all types are easily damaged in an accident.

Whatever the cause, the good news is that we can almost always repair bent and damaged split rim alloy wheels. However, the process takes a lot longer than repairing an ordinary alloy wheel, since our engineers have to remove each bolt, repair each part separately, and then rebuild and refinish the wheel. We will need your wheels in our workshop for two to three days. Even so, the cost of split rim alloy wheel refurbishment is considerably less than forking out for a new wheel or set of wheels, which is the only other alternative.


How Is Split Rim Wheel Refurbishment Carried Out?

We remove all the bolts and split the wheel down into its’ component parts.

Straightening of the parts of the wheel is carried out on special hydraulically assisted wheel straightening equipment. It involves heating the appropriate parts of the wheel and then straightening out any bends and dents using a hydraulic ram.

The wheel is placed on the machine and is measured with a special gauge to identify the extent of the deformity. The engineer then uses his skill and judgment in order to determine the amount of heat and pressure required to put the wheel back into its’ original condition. Heating the point where the wheel needs to be straightened has the effect of softening the alloy in order to reduce the likelihood of the metal cracking under the pressure.

When the wheel has been straightened it then has to be heated again in order to strengthen it.

In some cases of severe damage to a wheel, such as cracks and splits, it may be necessary to weld the wheel. If the damage is extreme there may be an occasion when the wheel is beyond repair, but we can only advise you after we have inspected the wheel. We will never attempt to repair a wheel if we consider it would be unsafe.

After the split rim alloy wheel has been straightened and repaired, it may then need further treatment to bring it back to new condition. This can include diamond cutting or diamond polishing which produces the very high gloss shiny effect of the metal. The work is carried out on a special lathe.

If your wheel has a painted finish it may very well be necessary to colour code it in order to achieve as near a match as possible to your other wheels. You can, of course, supply us with the colour code if you already have it.

Some of our customers choose to have their split rim alloy wheels repainted in custom colours, and of course there are many possible options, including a mix of colours and diamond cutting. If you are considering a bespoke finish for your split rim alloy wheel refurbishment, please ask us for a quotation.


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